Hi, my name is Ram and I am a student majoring in Computer Science in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. I love programming and I am passionate about technology. In August of 2018, I will be joining Google as a Software Engineer.
  • Work on a control interface for a camera on-board an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and expose it via an HTTP API
  • Work with the Play framework and Ebean ORM in Java/Kotlin to develop and maintain a web application server stationed on the ground to serve as a communication bridge between the UAV and web clients on the ground
  • Leverage various other technologies such as React, Express, Python’s Flask framework, the SWIG tool, and C++ with the FlyCapture SDK for the camera
  • Worked on the Product Listings team to improve features of product related search results
  • Completed both frontend work in a propriety templating framework as well as backend C++ modifications and extensions all with extensive consideration for the large scale and low latency requirements of Google Search
  • Taught Java programming by leading students through the core principles and guiding them to complete a final project of their choosing by the culmination of the course